How the app works

After app installation you are required to sign up and set your address where you want your coffee to be delivered.

You can either type the address / post code or set the location using the position button.

A list with the pubs or restaurants that deliver near your area will appear, from where you can choose what types of drinks you want and add them to the shopping cart.

Then, you are required to enter the payment details and your order will be processed.


The challenge was to create an easy and fast process for the user to order a coffee. Having many steps to go through until the order is placed, really helps rethinking every step from the app if it’s necessary or not. If you enjoyed your coffee from a specific place and would like to order one again, a recent order page was created (which contains last 5 orders) so you can order with just two taps. I consider this feature to be esential for this kind of app.